Collecting US Coins

Every one of us at some point or another has collected coins. Most people love coming home from a foreign country with some coins to show or give to family members or friends. But there are die hard coin Seated Liberty Dimecollectors who collect United States coins, but not just any United States coins; they collect old United States coins.

While some people may not see the merit in a hobby like collecting old US coins, there is surprisingly a massive amount of the population that spends its time, and money, on old US coins. Most of these people started off by saving old pennies, nickels, and dimes they received in their change as children and have now grown into adults that have a great passion for their hobby of choice.

I personally got my first taste of old US coin collecting when my Grandmother gave me an old fifty-cent Barber Half Dollarpiece, along with a bike, for passing the second grade. While that was some time ago now, I still have a deep interest in old US coins, not to mention a great collection!

If you currently are, or are thinking of starting to collect old US coins I will be upfront in saying that it can be a little overwhelming at first. But with a little reading and the help of great websites such as this one you will well on your way to starting a very rewarding hobby. Just how rewarding you ask? The current world record sale of an old US coin involves the coveted 1933 Double Eagle coin. If you are fortunate enough to locate one of these and put it auction as one man did in 2002 you will be looking at a sale price of upwards of $7,500,000!

Written by Mike Barton for Coin Collector Guide

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